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A 38-year-old man who joined in on a recent Anonymous online protest for 60 seconds now faces the ultimate price – well, kind of. He might just have to pay a $183,000 fine.

In an organised DDoS attack against American billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch and their enormous coal mining company, Koch Industries, Wisconsin local Eric J. Rosol participated in shutting down the company’s official website for just one minute (before closing the tab to Tweet about it, I assume). Anonymous’ efforts only managed to take the website down for 15 minutes which cost the company a grand estimated total of $5,000 – that’s almost one twentieth of what Rosol might have to cough up, should the charges be laid in court. Rosol pleaded guilty to accessing a protected computer, but it’s currently unclear if he’ll have to pay the full $183,000, which is how much Koch Industries claim to have spent fixing their servers.

Showing how fucking ridiculous the fine is, Geek point out how “two convicted arsonists in Wisconsin recently had to cough up just $6,400 for burning down a vacant house that still belonged to someone”. #MURRICA

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