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While we’re still stuck in a country where illicit substance law can almost entirely be summarised by “drugs are bad, mkay?”, the US is apparently warming up to the idea that certain drugs have the potential to be really useful. 23 of America’s states have already legalised bud for it’s medical benefits and now, a team of therapists from California have gained permission to test ecstasy for anxiety relief.

Psychiatrist Dr. Phillip Wolfson is a longtime advocate of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, he’s also the dude that managed to convince the U.S government to let him drug up 18 subjects to see if it makes them feel better. We would love to obtain that test footage.

Dr. Wolfson is confident that the drug “supports deep, meaningful, and rapidly effective psychotherapy” when taken in a safe and comfortable setting (we’re guessing that means no strobes and deep house blaring in the test environment). The way it’ll work is thirteen patients will be fed the drug and experience a four to five hour trip, while the 5 remaining will be given placebo capsules. Afterwards, each of them will undergo psychological testing and comparisons to their mental heath. It’s one in a series of drug tests that are looking at moving the wider recreational experience into a context where the substances could seriously help people in need. MD has previously been trialled as a means of treating people with PTSD.


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