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The push for the legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use in Australia has taken another step forward. Voters in New South Wales have voiced their opinions in the latest survey taken by the ABC’s Vote Compass. With over 35,000 respondents, the stats are in:

– 79% of voters said they strongly agreed or somewhat agreed
– 84% of voters aged between 55 and over voted in favour
– 72% of voters aged between 18 and 34 also voted in favour.
– 61.5% Greens; 52.8% Labor; 38.4% Liberal National; 46.9% other in favour.

When looking at the demographic breakdown of the survey, its surprising to see that the later generation of voters have considered the perceived benefits of the substance and are un-reluctantly supporting its legalisation. The government are still stalling the move however, with trials on the effects of medicinal cannabis on epileptic children, terminally ill adults and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy still underway, despite the copious amounts of research findings that have been brought forth to them. If only they knew what we know.


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