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Weekly updates

Even the proudest puppy owner would have felt a little FOMO when Disney’s UP came out and proved that a talking dog is actually better than all your pets put together. Well, the future may be right upon us, with Scandinavian team, the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, working on a headset that will apparently turn your dog’s thoughts into actual human language.

‘No More Woof’ have been developing technology that will decode some of the most common canine thoughts into words for easy pet/owner communication. While it’s all still in the developmental stages NSID are looking for crowd-funding to get the project to a commercial level and they’re probably a long way from getting it off the ground. Either way, I wonder if a dog talking into a headset is any less lame than a human talking into their handsfree on the street and if hearing your dog use English will prompt you to use your adult voice instead of that inescapable baby-talk tone.