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Weekly updates

While everyone continues to enjoy a bit of herbal relaxation every now and then, we’ve (hopefully) upgraded from homemade plastic paraphernalia to accessories that might legitimately be mistaken for contemporary homewares. And that’s where LA-based retailer Mister Green has basically everything covered.

The ‘life store’ has revolutionised smoking leisure time with its sophisticated ranges of minimalist pottery and apparel, as well as literature and music for “high minded people”. And while we’re still unsure if some of these items would clear customs into Australia, even though they’re “intended for tobacco use only”, it’s still a pretty dope spot for a but of online shopping.

To make your life easier before you head to the site for the full range, we narrowed down our top 10 favourite products below.

  • Words: Monique Buccheri

01. Gatorbeug - Basketball Bowl

Gatorbeug’s Basketball Bowl is a 6.5″ x 3.5″ slip cast ceramic, hand painted mini-sized basketball worth $100. The Australian designer was inspired by someone’s Instagram post of a cannabis plant growing in a real-life deflated ball.

02. Eunbi for Mister Green – Mini Enlightner

LA based ceramic studio Eunbi, handmade this 2.75” x .7” mini tobacco lighter. You can buy one of these for $45 and can choose from this natural light piece or one with darker tones.


03. Eunbi - Rod Enlightener - Nebula

These handmade Eunbi nebulas come with an optional leather strap, are made for ‘tobacco use’ and are worth $100.

04. Peace Hat - Beige

This embroidered heavy, 6-panel baseball cap features a leather back strap and brass clasp. It also comes in a black option for $48.

05. Eunbi - Egg - Nebula

Yet another super cool ceramic nebula from Eunbi worth $100.00.

06. Tiffany - Elsa Peretti - Bean Lighter

Hopefully this Elsa Peretti “Bean” lighter (made by Tiffany in 1982) will be restocked soon because we want one. This brass-made lighter measures 2 3/8″ long x 1 1/8″ wide. You can purchase one for $165, but the standard lighter fluid isn’t included, (don’t fret the fluid is easy to find).


07. Eunbi for Mister Green – Wake & Bake Cup

This Eunbi ceramic piece also comes in natural light or dark tones and can be used for anything you like (try adding a straw or enlightener on top for a spark). You can own one for $65.

08. Mother Nature - Black

This is one of our fave Mister Green super soft, cotton vintage tees which can be purchased for $38 in either black or white.


09. Vintage - Hand Ashtray

For $79 this vintage, porcelain black ashtray can be yours, adding some interest and artiness to your coffee table.

010. Summerland Ceramics - Land Yacht

This one’s pretty self-explanatory but look at how pretty it is! The Land Yacht is made for smooth cruising and goes for $190.