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I’m a big nap fan. There’s nothing like a couple of minutes of shut-eye, whether at work or in a dark corner of a particularly hectic house party, to recharge and return myself to a fully functioning human.

And you know what? NASA says it’s good to nap. This is exactly the justification needed for nap-lovers everywhere to keep our lazy habits in check. People have thrown around the idea that naps are good for you since way back. Now, what all this is based on has been revealed to be science. From NASA. Yeah!

During the 80s and 90s, NASA and the US Federal Aviation Administration conducted a study, experimenting whether naps could improve the performance and safety of pilots on long-haul flights.

Pilots on a typical commercial flight were divided into two categories – rest and no rest – with the rest group allowed a 40-minute nap during the flight’s cruise time. It was found that those who napped had better reaction time, less lapses in performance and significantly fewer ‘microevents’ – code for when your brain starts spacing out as you’re falling asleep. It was found that overall, naps made for a 34% increase in performance and a 100% increase in alertness.

NASA and the FAA require their employees to be at their physical and mental peak. So while your daily duties might not be as important or responsibility-bearing as a pilot or astronaut, you can feel just as efficient as one.

And if it’s good enough for astronauts, its good enough for me. Although that logic could be dangerous, as astronauts also wear diapers and eat weird dehydrated food. Kinda like toddlers. Anyway.

Check out the slideshow above because science + NASA + graphs = proof.