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Weekly updates

Remember the days when you’d create custom characters on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2? Where the possibilities were endless (3 different shirts, 8 different faces) and you’d spend ages making your skater as steezy as possible in all 20 polygons? Character creation has come a long way since then. Or it was coming along, then NBA 2K15 decided to create monsters out of man.

The new face scan feature has come under fire for not picking up on vital facial features or just not working at all and, thankfully, the results are hilarious. Check out some of our favourites above if you don’t plan on sleeping for the next week or so. Our favourite is the Jay-Z / Shrek crossover. See if you can tell which one we’re talking about.

An update to fix the issue is probably imminent so enjoy this gimmick for as long as its around. At the very least, most of these creations still aren’t half as ugly as Dennis Rodman (shots fired!).

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