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After the success of last year’s partnership “NIGO Only Lives Twice”, BAPE creator NIGO and  innovative global art business Sotheby’s have united once again to stage its first auction dedicated solely to Star Wars. Starting his Star Wars collection in the 1990s, Nigo cited the series as an influence on his own distinctive approach to design.

“As a designer, I have always been inspired by Star Wars. I am honoured to be launching this sale and hope that it will bring excitement to Star Wars fans around the world.”

The extensive lot of collectibles will come from NIGO’s private collection; featuring more than 600 original action figures, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmets, complete sets of collectible “Power of the Force” coins, limited edition toys and autographed rarities, such as a Count Dooku Lightsaber signed by Sir Christopher Lee. Individual pieces are estimated to start at $100 USD and go for as much as $35,000 USD when the online auction commences on December 11.

For a full look at the commodities up for auction, head on over to Sotheby’s.

  • Words: Livelle Mobley

Weekly updates