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I’ve always wondered what anyone would want with a smartwatch. I mean, what are we not already doing on our smartphones? And let’s face it, a watch face is good for little else than just telling the damn time. This slight hurdle hasn’t stopped people from pushing the tech envelope though, the various prototypes and Kickstarters continue in the search for the first functional, marketable and, dare I add, fashionable smartwatch innovation. And here is another.

Nokia’s Facet doesn’t try to fit all your apps and functions on one tiny LCD face – the entire band is made of separate but interconnected screens, so you can have one for each function. Newly patented, the Facet is obviously still in its very early stages of development, and may not ever see the light of day for consumers, but seems to offer a very obvious solution to the whole screen size conundrum.

Not sure how many style points it gets (not many, IMHO) but early adopters everywhere must be poising their pens to sign up for this multi-tasking bracelet. Take a look at the Facet in action below and prepare to feel very, very unorganised.

[via Gizmodo]


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