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Weekly updates

So UK’s purveyor of high end goods, Selfridges, has linked up with a number of designers to launch a limited collection of skateboards. Which is cool, I guess, if you want drop £75 on a vagina-adorned Hood By Air skateboard that you’ll have to take off the wall every time your mum comes over for lunch.

But where things start to get wild ridiculous is with the £9,470 Rick Owens piece. I mean, I’m all for co-opting subculture – don’t get me wrong. But a national department store and a fashion house collaborating on a non-functional skateboard made of petrified wood, when neither are in any way affiliated with skate culture is kind of confusing to me. Who is this thing marketed to? Sartorially inclined goth ninja’s who only skate conceptual asymmetrical skateparks? All the skaters I know barely have enough change for a six pack of domestic beer – let alone 10K+ to drop on a wall board.

Still, far be it from me to tell you how to spend your hard inherited cash – if you want to drop stacks on the ultimate #influencer ride, you can cop it here. I’ll just be emailing my mum about the post-modern appropriation of graphic signifiers in contemporary streetwear and seeing if she’ll spot me for that HBA joint.