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Your favourite Domino’s Pizza is literally a button away with the launch of the ‘Easy Order’ button. The button, which sits in a miniature cardboard pizza box, will allow customers to have their favourite order delivered to their door with a push of a button, providing all details and order are pre entered into the Domino’s app.

The button works by being paired to the Domino’s app on your smartphone via Bluetooth, but unfortunately for Australians, has only been planned for release in the UK for now. Thankfully for all the lazy souls you will be able to use the virtual ‘easy order’ button in the Domino’s mobile applications immediately.

This is not the first time that Domino’s have tried to innovate the art of online pizza ordering, having already enabled the order of pizzas by simply tweeting the pizza emoji and offering live tracking of the delivery driver to your door.


  • Words: Luke Karakas

Weekly updates