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Paris Hilton also gets her butt out for Paper Magazine’s latest issue

The socialite features as one of the four cover stars for Paper's 'Fandemonium' issue

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Following in the footsteps (or ass print?) of her former bestie / personal assistant, heiress and ‘DJ’ Paris Hilton has starred on the cover of Paper Magazine “like you’ve never seen her before”. I think what they’re referring to there is her slick, high fashion look, as opposed to the OTT glam or EDM-ready choices she usually makes. Oh, and of course she, not unlike one Mrs Kim Kardashian West, also exposes her derriere in a totally backless ‘jumpsuit’.

These days, Hilton is actually doing a lot of work, booking lucrative international DJ shows on the reg and heading numerous businesses. As part of the ‘Fandemonium’ issue, Paris has been recognised as the type of internet sensation that continues to make the fans go crazy and answers a few questions about what’s arguably been one of her most successful years to date.

I’m venturing a guess that this will not break the internet nearly as much as her ex-BFF’s effort did, but she gets points for trying. It should also be noted that one of the other cover stars of this issue is Marc Jacobs’ dog, Neville.

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