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Why the hell is Pennsylvania so haunted? Who knows, but apparently everyone is asking. Google Auto-Complete will guess the end search query  and in most cases all you will get is *insert name* – gay, or David Beckham – hair, but when you put in the states of America it comes up with the not so subtle stereotypes of the preceding area.

@Amazing_Maps has put this into a map of U.S.A. showing it at a glance as being hot, cold, poor, flat, and racist. Good show ‘Merica. Other goodies are that Utah is Mormon, Georgia is backwards, and Ohia is apparently important. Amongst the reoccurring themes are Tennessee and Louisiana for Racism; New York, California, Hawaii, and Alaska for being expensive; and Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota for being cold.

Have a look at @Amazing_Maps‘ Twitter account for more stereotypical gems.

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