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It seems like combining two completely uncomplimentary food items to create a nausea-inducing amalgam is totally in fashion in Australia at the moment. First, Cadbury collaborated with Vegemite and now, Pizza Hut literally wants a slice of the pie.

Stuffed crust better take a seat because here comes the Meat Pie Crust. Pizza Hut Australia announced that it is hooking up with beloved petrol station snack lords Four N’ Twenty in the best way possible, via a Facebook relationship update. With eight mini meat pies with sauce surrounding the pizza, we’re simultaneously tempted and repulsed. I personally can’t see this move going all too well. Seriously, if I already feel guilty grabbing a meat pie after a big night out, how am I supposed to cope with this?

Its not the first time Pizza Hut has gone all out in combining fast food into a combination that’s almost certain to lead you down the road to obesity. Last year, they announced a ‘Cheeseburger pizza’, which – you guessed it, incorporated something reminiscent of a cheeseburger in the crust of the pizza. Was pizza ever boring enough to warrant these Frankenstein meals? I just don’t get it.

If you’re keen to try out this creation, you better jump in quick. The ‘Meat Pie crust’ is only in stores for a limited time over this footy season (because of course it is).

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