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New spoilers have leaked about Jurassic World, better known as ‘Jurassic Park 4′. The science fiction movie sequel, directed by Colin Trevorrow, is estimated for a 2015 release and will be based on the same theme of the first JP movie.

Jurassic World is expected to be set ion the Isla Nublar Island, with speculation the new sequel beginning 22 years after the events of the first movie.

If the leaked screenplay is to be trusted, Jurassic World is a theme park similar to Jurassic Park, created by InGen CEO John Hammond. Jurassic World will be a running theme park, complete with a monorail, shops, rides and shows. In order to get there, guests will have to take a high-speed shuttle boat from Florida.

It is presumed that inside of the park there will be a multitude of activities, such as a dino petting zoo and a hologram information centre, where guests can learn about the methods designers and creators are using to construct the dinosaurs. One of the rides at the park is going to be called “Gyrosphere”, and will allow guests to ride around in the wild to get up close to the dinosaurs.

Apparently there will be lots of dinosaurs fighting, as some will be the “good guys” trained by Chris Pratt’s antagonist. JoBlo reports that “the big bad dinosaur has instant camouflage abilities, like the cuttlefish, so he blends into the background, is smart like the velociraptor, uses his jaw like a snake, and can terrorize like the T-Rex.” (Holy shit.)


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