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There’s a lot of crazy shit happening in society’s current climate. Despite the mess, a few truly beautiful cultural gems have risen. Melbourne’s Pocc mag is fresh on the scene and among the best. With it’s primary focus to champion diversity through creativity, the online zine is the platform that Melbourne and wider Australia have needed. We spoke to Pocc’s editor and longtime friend of Acclaim, Mercy Sang, about how it all came to be. Love your neighbour and read up on it – you might learn a thing or two.

Can you describe what Pocc is and why it’s important to you?
Pocc mag stands for People Of Colour Collective magazine, it is an independent publication that aims to build a platform for POC creatives. This project is extremely important to me as it aims to showcase a greater awareness of extremely talented POC creatives by providing a platform designed to uplift and support diversity.

Was there a particular moment that prompted the idea? 
Not really, I was always surrounded by POC creatives, I was inspired by them and wanted to showcase and support them in any way that I was able to do so.

If the mag had a soundtrack, what would it sound like and who would be on it?
An album I would choose that would somehow attempt to describe the idea of Pocc would be the ’69 LA sessions by Fela Kuti. Another artist would include Rez Abassi.

What made you structure Pocc as a digital magazine as opposed to a typical website?
Pocc will be a digital magazine. However, I still aim to publish prints. My goal is not to produce monthly issues rather bi-annual prints and make it more of a collectable rather than a disposable issue.

Pocc launches today. What do you hope for it?
I hope it’s embraced and received positively, as it is a celebration rather than a commentary on a political viewpoint of the creative industry.

Pocc Mag celebrates its official launch August 3 in Brunswick, Melbourne. In the next week leading to the launch, the mag will be dropping new content every day. RSVP to the event here. Stay up to date here and here.

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