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The Pokémon World Championships have just kicked off in Boston, where the world’s top Pokémon trainers congregate to battle it out to see who really is the very best. Yes, this is real life. The first day of the event was also the perfect time for The Pokemon Company to reveal that they are bringing the world a brand new Pokémon fighting game, called Pokken Tournament, to Nintendo’s Wii U platform next year.

The game has been pretty popular in its arcade version, which has been exclusive to the Japanese market for some time, and is styled around your standard fighting game, with characters engaged in one-on-one battles. But it’s Pokémon characters, making it automatically cooler. And with actual Tekken developers involved in the release of this game, Pokken Tournament is set to be a pretty popular choice come release time.

Pokken Tournament is slated for a (northern) Spring 2016 release. Watch the trailer for it above.

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