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You’ve heard it a hundred times. You’ve probably said it yourself. Most people who go to Japan end up saying “Why can’t I just live here already?” Welp, why don’t you? Holiday life and real life aren’t always the same thing but I get the feeling that life in Tokyo can actually be as interesting and fun as you would imagine. To further my assumption (and my FOMO), Australians Lucy and Meg, share a collection of photos they’ve taken of their actual lives in Tokyo over the last few months.

“So Meg and I are both Australian, but we met a few months ago through mutual friends at a gig in Shibuya and clicked straight away. I guess you could say we’ve had a pretty whirlwind friendship romance. This collection of photos is a small encapsulation of our everyday lives in Japan; partying, having fun, travelling, exploring new corners of Tokyo, and drinking ‘combini martinis’ (convenience store liquor) with our crew.”

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags.

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Weekly updates