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Postcards: Meg De Young in Nepal

A visit to Kathmandu's only skatepark

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Nepal might be a small country but there is still so much to discover about it. Mount Everest is in many ways the nations stand-out attraction but the beauty of any country lies with its people and how they integrate their own rich culture in their everyday lives. Melbourne photographer Meg De Young found some unexpected similarities in the lives of the Nepalese people when she recently visited the city of Kathmandu. Among the generally ‘traditional’ confines of the city exists the area’s sole skatepark, with a small but enthusiastic community of young skaters.

“Due to the current political condition in Kathmandu the skatepark is privately owned so I decided to help raise funds. The extra funds meant they could have extra fencing for security and lighting so the locals can skate at night… I [also] wanted to submit this as a small photo essay so that the local skate homies back in Kathmandu can see how well they’re doing and also raise more awareness for the skate scene in Nepal!”

Check out the series in the gallery above and you can help support the crew via Meg’s GoFundMe page.

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