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Weekly updates

A new product called ‘Palcohol’ has just been approved for sale on the US market. The Powdered alcohol is a ‘spirit distilled from cane’ and you simply add water for an on the run drink. It’s basically the same as those pre-made cocktail mix kits, except this one actually has the booze in it.

Of course, the applications of this thing are kind of insane. I mean, it’s going to be easier so sneak a sachet of this stuff into any event/venue that sells water than it is a bottle of vodka. And I give it approximately one week of sales before someone uploads a youtube video of themselves doing lines of palcohol (prediction: person in the video will be using a web cam circa ’97, be alone, and be wearing a wife beater / curved brim baseball cap combo). Still, I’m intrigued – my first instinct is to mix palcohol powder with a hydralyte sachet and make the world’s best hangover beating cocktail, and if that shit works I’m patenting it right now.

If you’re keen to be a guinea pig and start messing around with powdered alcohol – you can find out more at their official site here.