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Weekly updates

The fight between public transport workers, Metro and Yarra Trams is continuing with more industrial action. Today many Melbournians were forced out into the rain during a four hour tram strike, from 10am-2pm.

Now Metro Trains staff have voted to stop work for four hours next Friday. Negotiations for better pay and conditions between the Rail, Tram and Bus Union, and transport operators have been going on for months, with no foreseeable end.

The union had previously agreed to a strike on a week night from 2-6am, which wouldn’t have put too many people out. But according to the Age, the decision was made to re-schedule the strike, after Metro Trains threatened to stand down any staff who took part in the planned late night industrial action.

The train strike is currently planned to run from 10am-2pm on Friday September 4, so if you need to be somewhere during that time you better make friends with your Uber driver this weekend.


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