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Weekly updates

The humble Dennis Durrant answered some q’s for us. The Aussie Skate Mental rider now based in LA likes beer, doesn’t want no bowl mole and longs for his homeland. Take it away Dennis.

My name is… Dennis Durrant.

I live… in the moment.

Besides from skating I also spend time…. Sitting in L.A traffic, driving to go skating. I spend way too much time doing that.

My parents always thought I was going to be… something other than a skateboarder, I’m pretty sure.

The trick that took me the longest to stomp was….. the one i tried the other day for the third time, I still need to go back and get it.

In high school I…. didn’t pay enough attention, I blew it.

When I’m skating I listen to….. the sound of my skateboard, I need to hear my board.

My liquor of choice after a long day is….. beer, I like beer!

I think long-boards are…. too long.

My perfect sponsor would be… some kind of travel agency where I get free flights and hotels anywhere in the world, whenever I want. To me that would be ultimate sponsor.

The last thing I did that I regret now was…. drinking way too many beers a few nights ago. That’s a reoccurring regret of mine.

The perfect girl would be…..one that knows nothing about the skate industry or anyone in it.

One place I’ll rather be right now is…. home in Australia, It’s been almost a year since I was home.

Tomorrow I will be…. in S.F

In ten years time I will be… so stoked looking back on these days, thinking about all the places I got to see, all the people I met through doing something I love, and all the good times I had. Just knowing I got to do a whole lot more than most people will do in their lifetime. I’ll always be thankful for that.