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The burger scene is as big as it’s ever been, with new stores opening up every day with their own unique take on a classic meal and since there are so many people doing it, stores are pushing to be innovative.

Colour of the buns seems to be the aspect that’s changing lately, remember when Burger King in Japan blacked out their burger? Well now McDonalds in China have decided to step up the game, with a grey burger bun…

Burger King’s black kuro burger in Japan wasn’t the most appetising looking burger but it definitely looked cool, but this grey bun iteration kind of looks like a marble stone kitchen bench top.

The ‘Modern Day Burger’ will be available until November 3rd so if you’re heading to China before then, go and grab one of these obscure looking things. Also check out what the burger looks like in the gallery above, and the Japanese kuro burger if you haven’t seen it yet.


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