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Jaden Smith is the luckiest and unluckiest kid in the world. Lucky because his pops is Will Smith, but unlucky because his pops will forever be cooler than him. Little is cooler than winning the first ever rap grammy or being one of the Bad Boys or MIB. I think Jaden realises this and so gives very little fucks.

This was apparent when he inexplicably showed up to Kimye’s wedding and posed with Kim and Patrick Bateman  Scott Disick in a White Batman costume. Now he’s found a more appropriate use for the costume: Comic-Con. And when is it okay to cyberbully a teenager? When you’re the media! The young celeb was seen by many cavorting in his attire and of course copped snark with headlines like ‘Jayden Smith Annoys Everyone At Comic Con’. I say whatevs, bruh. At least he’s doing better than Bieber.

Less teenage costuming

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