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Weekly updates

Seapunk may be a fleeting trend we all distressed our hair and lost friends over. But we had a good time doing it. Those so-called friends just couldn’t deal with us listening to ambient water noises on quiet nights. They questioned our decision to go from Google Chrome to Netscape. And they were totally jealous of our barnacle-studded leather jackets. It was all good, but we grew out of the trend by the time Azealia Banks made us an honorable mermaid. Now we just have a surplus of graphic leggings, club drugs and purple hair dye that random seapunk chicks left at our place after drunken rave nights. But with the discovery of the sea punk name generator, we’re back in the game. So say hello to ☯♂MCM∅LLIWATER♂☯ and find your own identity here.