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There have been 12 deaths caused by selfies so far in 2015—the latest tragic incident being a Japanese tourist slipping down the stairs while taking a selfie at the Taj Mahal last week. It seems that selfies, and the distraction they cause, are now becoming a serious problem, more than just a novelty issue. Put into perspective, this year there has been eight deaths caused by shark attacks.

Falling and being hit or injured by trains while being distracted taking a photo are the main two factors that have contributed to the death tally. Some governments have already started to issue warnings about the risks of getting ‘cool’ or ‘daredevil’ selfies, with the Interior Ministry of Russia issuing a brochure, warning that getting a ‘cool’ selfie could cost you your life. Some landmarks have even gone to the extremes of banning selfie sticks, including all Disney theme parks.

Whether Australia will follow suit and create measures to try and prevent selfie-related injury and death remains to be seen. How joyous would we all be if selfie sticks were banned altogether from Australia? We can dream.

Luke Karakas.


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