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When our beloved Uncle Snoop isn’t busy French inhaling, being the host with the most, or dropping gangsta shit, he’s a bit of a family man, appearing on Celebrity Family Feud to take on American former professional boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard.

Not surprisingly, at some points it was difficult to comprehend exactly where Snoop’s mind was at. When asked to fill in the blank for “pie in the –”, Cordozar promptly replied, “pie in the horse” … I’m sorry, what? Seems like someone’s had a bit too much bubonic chronic. (Don’t worry, we aren’t judging but if Snoop does offer you pie, don’t eat it.)

The most shocking part of this episode however, occurred in a fast money showdown between Snoop and Sugar Ray. Upon being asked, “Name something grandma would do if she caught grandpa smoking weed,” Snoop managed to beat the lightning fast boxer to the buzzer, answering “put hands on him” (hit him). It was not enough to win the round though, with Leonard’s answer “she would scream at him” scoring higher than Snoop. What is the world coming to when the man that smokes weed everyday loses a question about Mary Jane?

But it turned out all right for the Doggfather with the Broadus family eventually walking away with $25,000 for the Snoop Youth Football League. Check out more Snoop on Family Feud below.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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