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The huge Sony hack of 2014 is still being sifted through by thousands of people across the world intent on revealing even the most banal tidbits regarding the company’s film projects and business model. The most bizarre sliver of info to have emerged from the leak data has been that the company may be five years deep in a struggle to bring the Super Smash Bros. mythos to the silver screen. Although details are very vague, leaked email conversations between Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal and producer Avi Arad suggest that the company has been in talks with Nintendo, attempting to acquire screen rights for Donkey Kong, Zelda and Mario among others not specifically named.
“I am going to try and bring back a little plumber…I guess we can all use our pipes cleaned.” Arad said in a message to Pascal, adding that he was looking forward to “our big, big project.”. A film involving multiple Nintendo franchises on the big screen would be a huge accomplishment, especially when you consider that Sony is a formidable opponent in the home console market. What a partnership like this could mean is anyone’s guess but an open avenue of communication between the two companies is exciting nonetheless.

Once the cheering of fans has subsided, a couple of questions do need to be raised – such as how the hell you make a film about a video game like SSB. Sure, fighting games have been adapted to the big screen before, but usually things like Street Fighter and Tekken have central plots relating to all the characters. Meanwhile, Super Smash Bros. is the all-you-can-eat buffet of fighting games; it’s gratuitous, unbalanced and entirely non-cohesive and that’s the fun of it. Would the plot involve Master Hand? How do you knock an enemy off the screen if it’s a film? How do you write a story arc with, like, 40 main characters? We are simultaneously intrigued and terrified to consider the possibilities here.


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