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Spiderman has been through the proverbial wringer over the past few weeks with various announcements, decisions and moves affecting the future of the franchise. First it was the long-awaited news that Spidey would finally rejoin the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as it seemed that the long-running alleged feud (that saw a premature, over-saturating reboot in The Amazing Spiderman) between the two companies was finally coming to an end.

A press release confirmed that although Sony would maintain creative and financial control, everyone’s favourite web-slinger would feature in an MCU film. Just a few days later though, Marvel announced that they would once-again be rebooting the franchise, and that the origin story would once-again be set in high school, which meant that Andrew Garfield wouldn’t be reprising his role as Spidey as he was too old. A replacement actor wasn’t mentioned, as Marvel has stated that the decision will be up to the director.

It’s just been announced that a director has been assigned to the project, Drew Goddard; the guy who was supposed to direct Sony’s now-scrapped Spider-Man themed spin-off villain film, The Sinister Six. Goddard, who had his directorial debut with The Cabin in the Woods with (Avengers director Joss Whedon) has been spending his time working on the Daredevil series so it’s clear that he’s already familiar with the Marvel universe and a solid part of the Marvel/Disney/Sony family.

The film is also rumored to feature Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) who will battle the high-school Spiderman to see if he is good enough to join the adventures. Spoiler Alert – he is.

The big question remains though, will anybody bother seeing the third Spidey reboot/origin film in 15 years, the sixth Spiderman film and the fifty-billionth Marvel film?

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