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Weekly updates

Okay, soooo it’s been a long time between drinks with me and my blog posts of late (generally due to the fact it’s been very short times between actual drinks over the last two weeks, glug glug) but I’m back and with a bevvy of busty beautiful ladies for you courtesy of our good friend and photographer Ellen Stagg. The lady with the auspicious accolade of being the first Stagg Street Survey interviewee of 2012 is the very purdy Heather Vandeven. Suddenly the corporate rat race doesn’t look so beige!

My name is…. Heather Vandeven

By day I… work a 9-5 corporate job.

By night I…. am a sexy temptress.

My favourite TV show is… The Walking Dead, OMG who knew a zombie apocalypse could seem so real – ahhh not able to sit still during this show lots of couch back perching.

The last movie I watched was… Lovely Bones, and yes it made me cry. #randomHBOmovienight

If I could only listen to one artist or band for the rest of my life it would be… Neil Young – of course

If I wasn’t in the modeling or adult industry I would probably be… making more money.

A weird habit of mine is… huffing my dog Nico’s ears, she smells like home to me.

My best party trick is… the blackout…

I’m addicted to…. PG tips black tea

My fave part of my body is… my back. It requires no maintenance, always in shape, I don’t need to wash it, no hair- it really is a thing of beauty.

The sexiest woman in the world is… that latin woman on Modern Family, I could stare at her all day.

The sexiest man in the world is… Jeff Goldblum – he had me in his big awkward hands ever since Earth Girls are Easy.

If a guy wants to get with me they have to… suck on the clit- suck suck suck on the clit and be a good person with a sense of humour, a healthy attitude toward sex, a clear understanding of moderation and self control. “Addictive” personality types need not apply.

The best thing about shooting with Ellen is… she is super hot! Has great big bouncy boobs and she is weird so you know you’re going to end up with something different.

My fave youtube vid is… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR3rK0kZFkg

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