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Weekly updates

Call us old-fashioned but there are few sights in this world that are as awe inspiring as a pair of amazing big natural breasts. It’s like seeing an eclipse or shooting star, a magical wonder of nature that you just can’t look away from in fear that this is a once in a life-time opportunity. Shay Laren is the owner of such natural wonders and has made quite the career out of them, proving that plastic isn’t always fantastic, some dudes out there are still after the real thing. And kudos to that. Ellen Stagg has shot the former Army brat plenty of times, so we got her to shoot the Penthouse Pet some q’s for out latest Stagg Street Survey.

My name is…. Shay Laren.

By day I… am shooting hot pics or at the dog park with my chow Oso Peligroso.

By night I…. Talking to fans on web cam or seeing live music.

My favourite TV show is… Breaking Bad.

The last movie I watched was… Hugo 3-D.

If I could only listen to one artist or band for the rest of my life it would be… not a fan of this question. The National.

If I wasn’t in the modeling or adult industry I would probably be… acting or a chef. I love cooking.

A weird habit of mine is… drinking beer in the shower.

My best party trick is… showing up to the party. I’m a home-body.

I’m addicted to…. masturbating and red wine.

My fave part of my body is… My breasts obviously ;)

The sexiest woman in the world is… Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. Curvy and a red head. <3

The sexiest man in the world is… I have a huge crush on Jon Stewart. I’m attracted to smart/funny men.

If a guy wants to get with me they have to… make me laugh and just be genuine.

The best thing about shooting with Ellen is… how relaxed and awesome she is. The only hard part is trying not to laugh the whole time… oh and not only is she fun but she’s gorgeous!

My fave youtube vid is… Old Greg from the show The Mighty Boosh. So good!

See more (and we do mean more) of Shay at shaylaren.com or follow her on twitter (@shaylaren) or tumblr and of course you can see her over at Stagg Street.