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Bitcoin is so last year. 2014 is all about Coinye West. Yes, Kanye’s dream of world domination is inching ever closer to reality, becoming the inspiration of the newest digital currency. It should be noted that this wasn’t actually his idea (surprisingly) and has been cooked up by a team who wanted to develop Coinye for the people.

“We want to bring cryptocurrency to the masses so that anybody can get into mining with a couple of clicks,” the creators told PC World.

Apparently Coinye won’t require any costly hardware to mine, instead using software called “Gold Digger” (ha) which can be accessed by most home computers. No word yet on where you can actually use the currency, though it may be taken up by hip hop-related online merchants.

No comment yet from the actual rapper about the venture, even though they’ve reached out to him. I’m sure we know what to expect if it does become a lucrative move though.

Coinye West is set to for a ‘PROPER and FAIR release’ on January 11. For all the techy info, check out coinyewest.com.