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Anyone who spends most of their workday in front of a computer can understand how frustrating it is to have your email inbox flooded with unnecessary messages—spam, marketing, PR, that dude that you chatted to at last week’s work function—it can be a real productivity killer. Well, once again, Google is here to make our lives easier with the introduction of a more apparent ‘Block’ button for your Gmail account.

If you’ve been dodging particular people on your phone, you’ll find the transition to ignoring the same people via email pretty easy. All you need to do is hit the arrow button from within the offending email and select Block to send all future correspondence from that sender straight to your Spam inbox. And if you’re still confused, peep this handy instructional GIF Google created for you.


The announcement was made a couple of days ago and is already live in your web browser, with the feature to be gradually rolled out to Android this week.

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