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Stüssy now has its own hot sauce

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Stüssy have done all sorts of things in order to cement their legacy as a streetwear stalwart. The General Livin’ arm sees the brand move into homely items that add a pinch of coolness to your life by bringing us their take on stationary, homewares, travel accessories and other nick-nacks. But their latest endeavour is a delicious one, they now have their own hot sauce.

This bottle contains chemical-free ingredients from a farm in Tamba Sasayama, Japan, where the habanero and jalepenos are smoked on site. The rest of the ingredients include tomatoes, a spot of vinegar, and onions which is all pureed and put into the bottle by hand. The final product you see has been rigorously tested and approved by Japan’s own Golden Brown, so you know it’s good.

You can grab these from the Japanese General Livin’ Online Store for around $15 AUD, as it will serve as a wonderful addition to your collection of condiments.

  • Words: Eli Marsland

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