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So we spotted this article titled ’15 reasons why the winner still is, Sydney’  and I’m afraid we have to disagree. While Sydney may be home to the most recognisable Australian landmarks and the most celebrities per square meter, those of us who live in the rest of Australia are generally glad that we don’t live in Sydney.

Sydney, “The home of the Budgy Smuggler.” Why are you taking credit for this? No one wants to look like Tony Abbott, the Hoff, or that old guy at the pool who gives you too much eye contact. “It hosted the best Olympics in Australia … ever.” Yeah but Melbourne had it 44 years before you and according to a study undertaken by the Conversation, the Sydney games failed to boost the NSW economy like they thought they would.

Bondi may be Australia’s most famous beach, but fame doesn’t equal quality. Let’s not forget Bell’s Beach in VIC, Broome’s Cable Beach or the entire north Queensland coast. Sydney is home to two of the biggest parties in Australia—The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and New Year’s Eve—which is fine, but the rest of us don’t have 2am lockouts in our suburbs, even old mate Alan Jones says that they aren’t working.

“You can eat at Australia’s best restaurant.” Neil Perry’s Rockpool is expensive and exclusive which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for. But as Melbourne has proven, traditional restaurant eating is overrated and even those snobby New Yorkers agree.

Three reasons (6, 11 and 14) all rely on internet points. The number of Facebook check-ins, Twitter followers and Instagram posts really isn’t something to brag about. Do you hear Kim K bragging, no I didn’t think so. “The birthplace of the Nutella doughnut milkshake” How the fuck are you meant to eat those? Do the doughnuts make it taste better? Just give me a hot jam doughnut and a flat white.

We all know tourists like Sydney, even I’m down for a weekend there. But according to a recent study, Sydney-siders don’t like Sydney. For the record we don’t hate you Sydney, we just want you to try being a little more humble for once.

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