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Take way better iPhone photos with these add-on lenses

This level of perfection is what every Instagrammer's dreams are made of

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We know people like to joke about Instagrammers posting a pic and then thinking they’re photographers. But this new initiative from OOWA Lenses actually lets you achieve your grid-goals with the impressive results of their new iPhone lens cases.

Just shy of their $50,000 goal on Kickstarter, the OOWA lenses are uniquely optimised so as to translate the image circle on an iPhone’s sensor and allow for superior image quality, meaning that your photo goes from a standard pic to some A1 image status. Basically, we’re talking unprecedented edge to edge sharpness with minimal distortion and a whole lot of HD coming from both their 15mm wide angle and a 2.5x telephoto lens.

Able to be attached quickly, all you have to do is clip on the protective case to your phone and you can get snap-happy straight away. This is the first time ever that free-form lenses are being brought to the market and the team are making sure they do it right. “We’ve spent the last few years refining our manufacturing technology and identifying the right suppliers, and have proven with our current prototypes that we can achieve amazing image quality. In fact, because we developed the free-form optical testing algorithms used in production validation, we have an intimate knowledge of what it means, and takes, to ensure consistency of product testing and quality.”

It’s pretty cool to imagine being able to actually capture such stunning photos on your phone, making the world of photography more accessible than ever before. Check out some of the results in the gallery above and peep their online campaign that’s bringing the iPhone to a whole new level.

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