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Now there truly is an app for everything. Peppr is an app dubbed the ‘Tinder for Sex Workers’ that lets users browse for a prostitute based on price, sexuality, breast size, ethnicity, and pubic hair length. The app is based in Berlin, where turning tricks is legal, and was created by Pia Poppenreiter who felt for the sex workers of the Berlin streets.

“I was walking down Oranienburger Strasse [Berlin’s red light district] — I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth — it was chilly and I saw the poor girls on the streets, and I thought, why isn’t there an app?”

Poppenreiter (whose legit last name loosely translates into ‘screw-rider’) is aiming to repackage the way we think about sex work while making it a little safer for the women involved. As a spin-off it also opens up the trade to willing Berliners – I mean, how easy is it to set up a profile? To make sure that participants aren’t being forced into it Poppenreiter talks on the phone with each prospect.

‘We try to ask them – you kind of find out in a conversation whether they’re doing it on a voluntary basis – we ask them what they did before, whether they’ve always worked voluntarily and so on.’

Browsing the website, for journalistic purposes, the ‘Pepprs’ seem to be between the age of 20–47, have shaved pubes (if it’s shared) and all speak more languages than me, proving that Germans engineer everything better.

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