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Weekly updates

I suppose we all saw this coming. Two teen girls took the plot line to Spring Breakers entirely too serious and decided to don balaclavas and rob the chicken shack themselves. Actually, it was a burger joint in Halmstad, Sweden. They used kitchen knives to pull off the heist, making off with almost $400. And they may have gotten away with it if they hadn’t been born in an age where every one of life’s precious moments deserves a selfie taken to remember it.

After the cops used the K-9 unit to track the girls to their grandmother’s house, they confiscated the girls’ cell phones and found a bathroom selfie of both ladies in their balaclavas holding the knives described in the robbery report. Only one of girls, a 17-year-old, is old enough to be tried. Her court date has been set for August 2nd.

Stay in school, kids.