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The indestructible Nokia 3310 lives on

The phone of our memes is set for a revival

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Naturally, every mobile brand today seeks to outdo the rest by aiming for the most high-tech models achievable. The Nokia manufacturing team at HMD Global seem to have decided that recycling is the way to go instead, and are bringing back the classic of all classics—the Nokia 3310.

That’s right, we’ll be seeing that 84×48 monochrome screen once more for the revival of our dreams. This model takes us back to the 2000s, when Nokia was atop the mobile-phone-food-chain, with indestructible bricks that signify a time before hundreds were lost to screen repairs. In a modern setting, there’s still a lot to be gained from a phone that doesn’t break upon dropping, especially when it’s affordable. Rumoured to be well below the 80 dollar mark, it’s a nice throw back to days when phones were actually made to last, rather than these modern Apple scams.

Coming in 17 years since its original release, it is hard to say which of its features has the greatest appeal: the never-ending battery, those seven ring tone options, the ability to save four reminders at once, or Snake? Set to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, we will have all our answers after February 26. You can catch us playing online Snake until then.

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