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The Huffington Post with help from Google compiled a list of what kind of selfies people in the US were searching for the most this year, and the top spot was taken by someone whose personal life you don’t actually see much of on social media. Malia Obama’s Pro Era t-shirt selfie has been revealed as the most searched selfie for 2015, which kind of makes sense because how this photo even made its way onto Pro Era’s Instagram page remains a mystery. It feels good knowing that the Jenners and Kardashians lost to Obama’s daughter, especially because she was sporting Joey Bada$$ rap group’s merchandise—although you probably wouldn’t need to search too hard to find one of the many selfies the reality TV family’s members have out there. Check out who else were (weirdly) searching for online in the list below.

Top Trending Selfies
1. Malia Obama
2. Miss Lebanon
3. Al Roker
4. Bald Eagle
5. Anna Kendrick
6. James Franco
7. Lady Gaga
8. Miley Cyrus
9. Kylie Jenner
10. Kim Kardashian



Weekly updates