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Weekly updates

And now, the latest in potentially fun/somewhat impractical gadgets, comes this USB-powered BB sniper rifle.  Brought to you by Japanese (of course) company Donya, this little pellet gun can be attached to your computer via USB and basically shoot BB pellets at unsuspecting targets. A little camera on top of the rifle allows you to view and aim at your targets right from you computer screen, so there’s no need for an Rambo-style combat rolls – though that would probably be more fun.

Honestly, I’m not sure who this thing is marketed towards, if it could even be imported into certain countries. I mean, do you think having this sitting on your work desk is going to be viewed favourably by your boss? Though it would probably deter that really annoying dude from ever coming to speak to you again.

In any case, the people of our planet will never not be obsessed with guns and shooting stuff, so I’m sure this will get rolled out somewhere. In the meantime, you can check it out in action in the promotional video above, which is even weirder than the product itself.

[via Gizmodo]