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Weekly updates

Whether you like it or not, Vine is a thing now. It’s happening. And it’s time for you to get on there and make something cool happen too. Every day we’re coming across interesting six-second clips from rappers, comedians and just regular people who know the importance of timing and creativity. There’s the good, there’s the great and then there’s also the ugly. Some of our favorite accounts are starting to grow a little stale, and we don’t know why. Maybe we just need to follow new people. That’s where you, the reader, come in. After you check out the best Vines we saw over the past week plus, share some of your favorite follow-worthy Vine accounts in the comments or on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. We’re always down to follow new accounts – but only if they’re good.

This is what Vine is for, Mac Miller. Good job.

Kreayshawn, is this your baby daddy?

Flatbush Zombies shoot a short kung-fu clip while chilling out in Australia.

Andy Milonakis gives away free money to strangers because he’s apparently ballin’ (?) and bored with his life.

In other news, Ryan Gosling still won’t eat his cereal.

RiFF RAFF gets fashion advice from thirteen year olds.

The children are our future. Thank you, Nerd Nash.

Keelayjams is basically the king of cinematic Vining.