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Weekly updates

Video-sharing phone apps are starting to become that new social networking shit everyone’s getting into. There’s the already-popular SnapChat where your friends and pseudo reality stars hang out. But when Kanye West took stage at the Met Ball to perform unheard material this week, celebs in attendance signed onto Vine – a GIF-like, 6-second video sharing phone application that we didn’t understand as of a week ago – to share the exclusive experience.

Upon further investigation, we find that Vine is pretty amazing. Not only is this the new way your favorite artists are teasing new music, showing you how they party or what they’re doing on the couch, it’s also a creative platform for filmmakers, animators and comedians to grow and feed their followings. Where else can you see Kitty [Pryde] shake her ass on a handstand, Tyra Banks get adorably weird and Riff Raff show off his pimping skills?

These are the best Vine moments to hit our feed this week.

Can Steve Aoki finish this tasty-looking salad before his 6-seconds are up?

We’re not sure how the idea for this Vine series came about, but Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal is our favorite thing happening on Vine.

Never a normal moment when you’re following Riff Raff’s Vine feed.

JeromeLOL has pretty much perfected the audio/visual Vine loop.

Is this a new Kitty [Pryde] x Chippy Nonstop collaboration in the works?

KeelayJams knows how to create a moment.

Chippy Nonstop is so adorable, she might be the poster child for Vine.