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The Worble shows us how to skate with mates, on mates

Be the skate ramp you want to see in the world

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Could this highly sophisticated feat of engineering be the future of skateboarding? It’s pretty unlikely, but hey it’s definitely a bit of a laugh to watch. The ‘Manramp’ is fairly self-explanatory, basically he is a man who holds a sheet of wood and acts as a ramp for skaters. Definitely doesn’t sound like it will end in injury. It actually looks like an even more caricatured version of the construction guy from the village people, complete with yellow tint glasses, gardening gloves and (thankfully) a hard hat.

This tongue-in-cheek representation of American masculinity and the “macho man” is brought to us by The Worble. The Vermont collective, headed by the Mull brothers, want to help bring that wild, carefree style back to skating. The Worble hope “skateboarding can do more than turn the logic of consumption and destruction back upon the culture that unleashed it.”

In a follow-up interview, the Manramp himself told Thrasher, “I came to LA with big dreams of making my way in the skate world. But you get here and you realize it’s hard to stand out. Everyone’s a fancy individual these days. But not everyone is a ramp. That’s what I realised in episode one, the Origin of Manramp.”

He also admitted his rivalry with Mancramps was more real than Rihanna and Azealia Banks beef. The crew manage drop-ins, controlled manuals, wallrides, and crushing fingers on their weirdly calm plywood-clutching mate. With such a loveable piece of equipment, we hope to see more from the Worbles and Manramp.

Check out the rough cut of Manramp above.

Uncut and uncensored ❌❌❌ live on @thrashermag. Link in bio

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