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Have you ever looked at your hot chilli sauce bottle and wished it could charge your phone as effectively as it could spice up your meal? Well then, the good people at Swordfish Tech have just the thing for you. The officially licenced “Sriracha” Power Bank is the perfect collectable for any Siracha lover.

Aside from being just downright rad in its design, this bottle-charger has a heap of technical bonuses. So we’re talking a battery capacity of 2 5000 mAh and it can quickly charge any mobile device via USB 2.0 at 5v/2.1 amps. If that didn’t make any sense to you then don’t worry, all you really know is that it can charge your phone just as well as  Sriracha can add a kick to a bowl of pho.

As a brand, Swordfish seeks to take their passion for toy collectables and translate that into a new way of looking at consumer electronics. Their goal is to create products that can be in your office on your desk or around your room and be a cool object as well as having a function. Then, even after the technology in it becomes obsolete, you’ll keep it because it looks cool rather than just chucking it out. Check the bottle out in the gallery above and pick up your own here.

Weekly updates