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Whether it’s too hot to move or too wet to play outside, board games and card games are always the best option to fill in your time. And, now there’s a game for all you sneaker lovers out there.

The card game is the first to feature all of the major sneaker brands in one pack, enclosed in a specially designed miniature shoebox—which we think is pretty cute.

It seems like quite a simple game, but one that will surely put all your sneaker knowledge to the test, and determine if you really are the fanatic you claim to be. Start off by matching a pair of shoes together from the set of memory cards included, then test your knowledge by answering one of five questions about the sneaker to score bonus points.

But, don’t be fooled by its simplicity, the game actually took three years to develop and involved a heap of talented people contributing to the production. Which is why they are calling on you to help get the game ‘up and running’.

Have a look at their Kickstarter site and support The Sneaker Game so we can come a step closer to finding out who the most dedicated sneaker enthusiast is.

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

Weekly updates