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This flat-pack refugee shelter from Ikea has won a worldwide design award

The "Better Shelter" programme, established by Ikea and the United Nations refugee agency

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The “Better Shelter” programme, a not-for-profit established by Ikea and the United Nations refugee agency, has just won ‘design of the year’ in the Beazley design competition. This is huge.

The programme delivers to, and constructs for, refugee camps around the world; places in which even the most basic of human rights are not always achieved. “We accept this award with mixed emotions,” Better Shelter figurehead Johan Karlsson said. “While we are pleased that this kind of design is honoured, we are aware that it has been developed in response to the humanitarian needs that have arisen as the result of the refugee crisis.”

Each flat pack costs roughly $1,150 USD. It sleeps five people, and includes amenities such as a mobile charger, linking to LED lights, and a locking door. The shelter is expected to last for about three years. “While it will not solve the crisis,” Professor Daniel Charny noted, “it goes a long way to accelerate innovation, challenge unacceptable norms and communicate respect.” We whole-heartedly agree.

Check out construction process and the shelters in Mytilini, Greece, as well as the final, constructed image, all in the gallery above.

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