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Let’s face it—you can’t really go to any densely populated public space without spotting a selfie stick or two rising out of the crowd. This invention has had a huge impact on the way people take holiday snaps (as well as sustain or cause personal injury) and, whether you like it or not, they’re probably not going away soon. But that doesn’t mean they are going to be any less annoying to anyone other than the person that’s using it and this art project is a not-so-subtle reminder of this very notion.

Moises of Art 404, along with Tom Galle and John Yuyi, have unleashed their performance art piece ‘Macbook Selfie Stick’ on New York City. The concept is exactly what it sounds like—a selfie stick designed to hold a Macbook—and the reaction should be what you expect, i.e. general confusion and annoyance. I sincerely hope that nobody actually tries to make this a reality but it is 2016 so anything can happen. Take a look at some of the art project images in the gallery above and check out the full piece here.

Weekly updates