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Weekly updates

In the latest news, the singularity is here, robots have taken over and are now attacking humans. This may not be entirely true, but what is true is that triathlete Raija Ogden claims that she was hit by a drone metres away from the finishing line at the Geraldton Endure Batavia triathlon in Western Australia. The drone was being piloted by photographer Warren Abrams who was allegedly flying it 10 metres above the race. (The stated minimum height was 30 metres.)

Ogden says that the drone hit her directly in the head. “I have lacerations on my head from the drone and the ambulance crew took a piece of propeller from my head.”

Photographer Abrams claims that the drone may have been hacked, saying that it had been “channel-hopped” and taken control of the drone. Abrams also disputes the claim by Ogden that she was directly struck by the drone.

All I know is that when machines do rise up, I will be ready.


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