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The owner of Sunny Coast Social Media, and the very aptly named Andy Seller, reveals that a video purporting to be from a pregnant French tourist looking for the Australian father, was shot to promote Holiday Mooloolaba, a real estate and rental property company. ‘Natalie Amyot’ was simply an actor–something many internet commenters had suggested when the video went viral last night. There were far too many odd details missing that might have tipped people off: the question of why didn’t she have his name if she had his number, the fact she was way too attractive to not be an actor, and her Facebook being created far too recently, among others.

We’re not quite sure how getting pregnant in Mooloolaba and not knowing who the father is could be considered something to associate positive feelings with, and they probably blew their load way to early on revealing it–but apparently according to Mr. Seller, this is how we advertise things in the viral age. Check out the video of Andy coming clean in the gallery above, as well as the original if you missed it.

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